I am 8 months old!!!

1. I have 5 teeth. Grrrrrr. Are you not afraid????
2. I got a shot against swine flu and I didn't cry like other kids.
3. I overcame my first cold. My nose was running and I was coughing but just for three days.
4. I am trying to croll, but so far only backwards.
5. First time I stayed alone in the day care for 40 min on the 20th of October.
I had so much fun that I didn't even notice that my dad left.
Now I am spending there 2 hours every day.
6. I went for mushroom picking in the forest.
We didn't find any mushrooms, but the forest was beautiful.
7. I learnt to clap my hands!!!! I like it so much.
8. I could say "pa-pa-pa", "da-da-da", "ta-ta-ta", "ba-ba-ba" and "grrrrr".
9. Mama is giving me milk three times a day: in the morning, at the lunch time and before I go to bed.
I am also eating cereal with apple sauce and mashed carrots two times a day.

Aunt Alison and uncle Matt

Papouchka, where did you lose your hair?????

I am in the daycare with my friend

Every Friday we are going with papa to the public library on College street for singing class.

My parents have been trying to decorate my room for one month. Maybe one day they will finish.

Mama is eating something. And what about me???

Mmmmmm, papa's shoe laces, interesting taste.


I am standing in my bed. I am a big girl.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya