I am 1.5 years old !!!!!!

It was a very busy month for Sophia and her parents.
1. We had a lot of fun celebrating our ya-ya's birthday.
2. We spent several days in Maerchenhaus with Ruth and Hans.
3. We stopped in Kingston on the way back to Toronto, it was a fantastic day.
4. We attended a wedding of Nick and Angela in Toronto.
5. We had a visitor from Montreal (Hello, Elise) and had a picknick on the beaches.
Sophia swam in the lake Ontario first time in her life.
6. We had a visitor from Lincoln, Nebraska (Hi, Anna) for the long weekend
and we went together to Niagara Falls as well as Niagra-On-the-Lake.
Sophia moved to the next level in her daycare: now she is a full member of the TODDLER group.
She is talking a lot, constantly repeating words and sentences.

For ya-ya's party Sophia was dressed in the National Korean Princess Outfit.

Hurrrra!!! We are in the Maerchenhaus!!!

Hans and his father-in-law

I'll be back in a hour!

We are picking mushrooms.



Thanks, aunt Judy! We love apple juice!!!

Which way is to Atlantic ocean?


Papa, can I get a car like this?

Hey, stay, let's play!

Wedding of Nick and Angela

Trip to the High Park with day care.

Let me introduce our new friend: Rae-Down

Again in the Toronto Zoo. We love it.

My new friend aunt Anna from Nebraska is visiting us!

Festival in Little Italy.

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