Sophia and George spent
the whole month in Greece!

One of the highlights of their trip was
attending the wedding of our cousin Vassilis and Natalie,
where Sophia took part in the ceremony by being a flower girl.
In Athens they visited the beaches on the Greek riviera,
local farmers market,
walked up to the Acropolis and Lycavitos,
hoped on the hop-on-hop-off bus,
took the subways and street cars,
visited the inn places like Glyfada and Kolonaki,
saw the changing of the Gards and
spend the day at the National gardens.

In Chios Sophia was taking sailing classes three times a week with other Greek boys and girls.
Besides that dad and his daughter experienced Chios way of life:
they ate in the local restaurants;
had day trips visiting most parts of the island;
they rode on donkey, motorcycles, cars and busses;
they walked, hiked and swam every time they had a chance.
They visited caves, boys and girls scouts camp, museums, winery on the highest peak of Chios,
monasteries, theater, outdoor cinema and
festivals and an abandoned leper colony which was closed in the 20th century.
They enjoyed the company of cousin Maria and Lemonia
who were so generous with their time and
were spoiling Sophia and George every chance they had.
An added bonus for Sophia was her best friend Tara
who visited Chios with her grandparents from Serbia for 10 days.
The girls had a chance to experience the life in a completely
new environment of heat, blue skies and sea. Such a summer!

You can see this video on youtube here.


Created by Irina Kalatskaya