Winter is in town!

Sorry for delay but we were very busy.
Sophia is going to Orde school, she is learning to read and write and progressing well
. Besides that mama and Sophia are taking skating classes at Moss park arena (see video below).
Just in three months Sophia has mastered the art of skating.
George got jelous and bought professional skates as well.
Now we are skating as a family and Mr.V is watching us
Mr.V is learning to speak. He is able to say: spoon, juice, small dog, chu-chu baby,
eye, shoes, boots, shapka (hat in russian) and many-many other words.
His favorite song is "twinkle-twinkle little star" and favorite TV show is "Chu-Chu baby".
He knows "ba-ba black sheep" and "rolly-polly" as well.
He is taking swimming classes like his sister.

You can see this video on youtube here.

Ya-ya birthday in Calgary

Science Center: Sophia and Tara

Community center where George and Mr.V are spending several mornings a week

Community center: Vasilis Picasso?

After swimming class in the shower

don't worry: just kidding

First time skating...

Porridge, sir

Where is my keys?

Ready for school?

Halloween in the Orde Street School

Our best friend Ollie

Christmas Tree in Eaton Centre

Christmas Tree neae City Hall

Winter is coming

Every Saturday we are spending in Mimico Arena

Outdoor skating with mama

Christmas present from our cousins Clara, George and Stella.

Sophia. Room 5. Fall.

I am in Cuba with my dad

Created by Irina Kalatskaya