Summer is over!
We are getting ready for winter!!

We spent a couple of wonderful days
in Maerchenhaus in Eastern Townships with Ruth and Hans.
Sophia is back to school, she is a SK student now.
George and Vasilis flew to Calgary for ya-ya's 94th anniversary.
Mama and Sophia went to Wonderland with Tara and her mom. It was fun!
Sophia and mama started their skating classes on Sundays at the Moss Park skating ring!
All real Canadians should skate well.
Sophia started her "ear-training" classes in University Settlement.
Besides she has a swimming class twice a week, cooking class and sport class.
Vasilis is 99% for his age: 14 kg and 84 cm!!!
He is well-developed, smart, healthy toddler.

You can see this video on youtube here.

Mr.V loves Perrier

Created by Irina Kalatskaya