Vasilis is 8 months old!

Officially the fall is in town: it is rainy, cold and grey.

The main news of the month:
Papa George is on parental leave and he loves it!!!
He finally got his freedom.
Babushka is back home.

Mr.V got his first tooth on the 21st of October.
Mr.V is taking swimming classes with his dad every Tuesday in YMCA.
He is able to clap his hands.
Vasilis is able to be away from mama (and breast milk) for up to 12 hours.
We celebrated Halloween in Davisville with our best friends: Tara, Kobe, Ines and Lucia.
We went to Montreal to see family and friends and stayed with our beloved friends Allan and Judy.
We spent some quality time with Margie (and her little baby),
saw Jackie, Johanne and Andrew,
had delicious dinner at cousin's house,
said hello to teta Stella, cousin Jummy and kids, etc
Kids behaved really well in the car: on the way back we stopped only once.
Sophia is counting till 20 ... in Mandarin.
She is learning Mandarin at school (30-min classes every day).

Taking our new friend Ollie for the walk

Getting ready for "Trick or Treating"

Knock-knock-knock: treat or trick!!!!

I got suuuuch a big candy...

And I am slightly tired...

And somebody is tired and sleeping...

But girls are NEVER tired...

Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles Sculpture in Toronto

Mama is here. I am going home...

Created by Irina Kalatskaya