Vasilis is 5 months old!!

He is very alert for his age!
Vasilis is enjoying his exer-saucer every day!!!
Mr.V. tasted rice cereal, bread, tomato, peach,
banana, cucamber, strawberry, ice-cream (thanks to papa),
lollipop (thanks to Sophia),
Korean pasta (thanks to mama).
He is reaching for toy and grabbing it;
rolls over on both sides;
pushes up to his waist;
laughs; sitting without support for a few seconds at a time.

The main news of the month:
We attended family reunion in Calgary and
a beautiful wedding of Karen and Chris in Banff.

Other events we love in summer:
- T & T Waterfront Night Market (July 19-21);
- Beach Jazz Festival;
- Salsa on St.Clair Festival...

Sophia is subscribed to Chirp magazine: it is her first subscription!!!

Again together

In the Park

The day before the wedding

Present for Karen and Chris from Sophia

My Big Greek Family on Lake Louise

Moraine Lake

Mama and Sophia together climbed this hill

On the top: tired but proud

Sophia is dreaming to be a police officer

Bye, Calgary

Sophia had her very last day in her Queens Park Daycare.
These words are dedicated to all teachers that had been taking care
of our daughter for more than three years:

Dear Teachers of QPCCC:
Shorab, Temika, Michelle, Paula, Pochu, Ana, Kelly, Denis, Liza, Stephanie, Alina, Marcella
and all the rest of you…

Today is Sophia’s last day and believe us we have mixed feelings.
The care and affection that you all brought to our daughter Sophia is beyond words.
However, we thought that we must give words a try.

Thank you for helping Sophia to get organized,
motivated, and above all, interested in learning.
She is really looking forward to learn more in her “BIG” school.
Thank you for always smiling and offering a hug when Sophia walked in the door.
You made her feel welcomed, loved, and safe.
Thank you for all the wonderful songs you taught her.
She always sings them in the car, outside and in bed at night,
even after we put her to sleep!
Thank you for the activities you planned and the room you decorated.
Thank you for appropriately oohing and aahing over each outfit Sophia proudly wore for school.
Thank you so much for all the fun she had with you!
But most importantly, thank you for loving our child!!!

And see you soon again!
We are sure that our son Vasilis will enjoy QPCCC as much as Sophia enjoyed it.
Sophia's exhausted,
but ever so grateful, mother and father Irina and George.

T & T Waterfront Night Market

Created by Irina Kalatskaya