Vasilis is 7 months old!

We were very lucky this year with the weather.
September was sunny with very little rain, temperature between +18 and +25C, soooo pleasant.

The main news of the month:
Mama is back to work!!!
Babushka is in Toronto.

September was a very busy month.
We saw again Niagra Falls,
visited again our winery and
had a dinner in a very special place called "Copa Cabana Brazilian Steakhouse".
We went apple picking in our favorite orchard "Orchalaw Farm" in Brampton,
and horseback riding in Claireville Ranch also in Brampton.
We spent the whole day in Canada's Wonderland
and mama was brave enough to go on Leviathan -
the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada!!!
We attended Ukrainian and Roncesvalles Polish Festivals
and National Book and Magazine festival in Queens Park.
Sophia is making new friends in her new JK class.
According to her teacher, she is above the average.
This month Sophia lost her two teeth!!!
It is an important milestone for a young girl!
Vasilis is a smiley boy. He is sitting up properly without any support for a long time.
Mr.V is able to walk while holding hands!!!
He eats table food and is able to chew solid food using his gums.
No teeth yet!
Vasilis overcame his first cold with high fever.

Mama after Leviathan. She didn't get cold feet.

Sophia is learning to take pictures using mom's Nikon D40 camera

Sophia's first picture of the family

"That's my dad, my mom and me going to school."

Created by Irina Kalatskaya