Vasilis is 6 months old!

Sophia is 4.5 years old!

Sophia's height is 111 cm and weight is 21.5 kg.

Vasilis is 10.25 kg and 72 cm

The main news of the month:
Sophia has started her JK (Juniour Kindergraden) in Orde Street Public school.
Babushka is in Toronto.

August was a very busy month.
For one week she was attending summer camp (half-day) in Riverdale farm.
We spent two days in Dr.Lu's cottage.
We went to Wasaga beach (Simcoe lake).
We attended all possible festivals and fests in Toronro:
Grange Festival,
Taste of Danforth Festival,
Chinatown Summer Market festival,
CNE (Canadian National Exhibition),
Basker festival on Yonge street,
and 13th annual Toronto Chinatown festival.
We flied the kite (see pictures below).
We saw Ai Weiwei exhibition in AGO and Mesopotamia exhibition in ROM.
On Sundays Sophia is taking soccer classes in YMCA.
Her swimming is progressing very quickly and she was just moved from "Otter" to "Diver" level.
Mr.V tried Jolly Jumper and it looks like he likes it.
He started to give hands when he is asked.
And the main achievement of the month: Vasilis is sitting up properly.
He eats everything without exclusions: fish, meat, veggies, berries, bread...
First word: ba-ba.

Craziness of CNE


CNE: Sophia was chosen to be a magician

Mama and CNE Zip line: jump from 126 feet (approx. 38 metres) height

Wasaga beach: +35C

Flying kite on the Beaches


Basker festival on Yonge street

Jesse Ketchum park

Toronto Chinatown festival

Ai Weiwei is in town

Row-row-row your boat

Sophia's first day in Kindergarden

Do you think I'm stuck here?

We discussed with Sophia what the meanings of the words "logical" and "fake are.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya