Vasilis is 10 months old!

Mama and Vasilis spent 5 weeks in Minsk, Belarus

We met a lot of relatives: grandpa Sasha, greatgrandpa, aunt Dasha, ancle Oleg, cousins Lesha and Masha.
And, of course, we bonded again with our grandma Valentina. Mr.V started to do 3-4 steps at the time by himself.
He is comfortably walking around holding just one hand.
He is trying to crawl.

Where is Sophia?

Greatgrandpa and Vasilis - 86 years apart.

Masha and Vasilis - four months apart.

Plane is landed in Toronto. Mr.V finally fell asleep.

Again together

My sister's (in the middle) 30th anniversity!!!

My best sister and my best brother-in-law

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