Sophia is 4 months old

We introduced Sophia to the new flavours this month.
She tried potato+cabbige+carrot+a bit of butter.
Now she is eating oat cereal Nestle and this food almost replaces one feeding in the afternoon.
We are watching movie baby Einstein for 5-6 min almost every day.
She sings and talks a lot, especially in the mornings.
Besides that little Sophia visited Niagra Fall,
spent some time at the beach,
walked Hamber river, went up CN Tower and visits China town on a weekly bases.
She spends a lot of time in her exer-sauce and she loves it.
Thanks to her grandma, Sophia has a daily routine.
She could tell the difference between family and strangers.
She is alert and interactive baby.

Weight: 7750 g
Height: 66.5 cm
Sophia is over 97% of average for her age.

Niagra Falls

Let's go...

My first computer

In our balcony on 750 Bay

I don't like the clothes that you bought for my cousin!!!! I am a girl!!!!


In the CN Tower

The photos below were taken by our friends Paula and Harris Silver

Created by Irina Kalatskaya