I am 14 months old !!!!!!

The main news - Sophia is walking!!!!
A lot, everywhere, long distances, she is able to stop, turn and go in other direction without any help.
Sophia learnt her first word (besides mama, papa, baba, tata, dada, etc). It is "STAAAAR".
She recognizes doggies on the streets and on the pictures and says "Aff-aff".
Grandma ya-ya visited us in Toronto and we spent almost 2 weeks together. We had a lot of fun.
We have 14 teeth!

Weight: 11.1 kg (top 97% for her age)

Hello, Margie. I love my bike!

I love my books

When my dad will teach me how to cook????

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Bonding with ya-ya

Brunch with friends in the portuguese neighbourhood.

Elise and Seb are visiting us in Toronto


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