Sophia is 7 months old

On the 21st of September we got the first upper tooth (the third in general).
And now we are able to nibble apple with the skin, carrots, etc.
This month Sophia and papa went apple picking (see pictures below).
They joint the family centre at YMCA.
Sophia attended her first birthday party of her friend Gayatri.
The favourite toy of this month is xelophone.
And the main drive of the month is standing and walking constantly.

Weight: 9000 g

Sophia and lemon gelato in Little Italy.

In the High Park.


Berger's family visited us in Toronto.

Sophia in the bookstore.

Sophia in action.

People in the bus are going in and out, in and out...

Birthday party.

We are ready for our first Canadian winter.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya