I am 17 months old !!!!!!

Words: "apple", "ball", "bye-bye", "up" when she wants to be picked up,
"car", "au-au" and "baba" (both mean doggy),
"ma-mam" (I want to eat), "ya-ya" (grandma in greek), "mama", "papa", "ka-ka" (dirt),
"wau!" (delight), "this" (pointing at something), "o-pa", "baby", "da" (in russian means "yes").
The very first expression: "Bye-bye, baby"!!!!
She is showing her mouth, ears, nose, eyes, hands and feet
when she is asked in English and Russian.
We picked strawberries and raspberries in the suburb farm!
Sophia attended her biggest event in the life: the wedding of Deborah and Jon.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya