Minsk, Belarus 2015!

Mama and Sophia spent three and half weeks in Minsk.
It was a very first trip for Sophia to the country where her mom was born and grew up.
Sophia got known closer her first cousins Lesha and Masha
as well as a very little cousin Mara.
She visited mom's high school and even daycare,
met her university friends and even teachers.
Minsk treated us overall very well:
sunny and warm weather,
clean and green city full of restaurants and friendly people...
We spent a day at the Botanical garden,
had fun at the brand-new Waterpark (one of the biggest in Eastern Europe),
tested several parks with roller-coasters,
saw local zoo and even swam with dolphins in dolphinarium "Nemo" in Minsk,
admired the Byelarusian State Circus and skated at the shopping centre.
We visited Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum and
took a ride at the Children's Railroad which is completely operated by kids.
We visited grandma's country house and
celebrated there Masha's second birthday.
We went to Hrodno and Lida and met all relatives there.
Sophia used to play at the playground
by herself without supervision and
even went to buy ketchup to the local convinience store.
Babushka took really good care of us. Thank you!
Time flew quickly and
at the end of July we returned to Canada where our boys were waiting for us.

Ready to go!

Stopover in Finnland. Sushi are to die for!

The result of grandma's hard work

Children's Railroad

A young railwayman

Independence Day celebration.
Sophia is brave enough to be active and participate

Grandma's cozy country house

One day at the Central Botanical garden

With Masha

A row of genre sculptures illustrating the city's
life of the 19th century is a hallmark of the city

Grandma and Masha in our favorite BierKeller

Aunt Dasha and uncle Oleg

Victory Square

With little Myra

Sophia's extended family

Century-old downtown square in Hrodna

Lida castle (early 14th century)

Mom's beloved teacher and friend Tatiana Nikolaevna

Circus: World-known "Extreme Guinness World Records" Program

The most amazing experience

Created by Irina Kalatskaya