Spring 2015!

George and kids spent one week in Calgary and Banff visiting yaya and relatives.
We spent three days in Manhatten and another three days in Philadelphia.
Let us introduce a new member of our family: blue-front amazon Fredie.
He talks and laughs, likes food (including yogurts, veggies, rice, seeds, etc)
and music (especially Greek).
The main news is that Sophia is graduating her Senior Kindergarden
and is getting ready for Grade 1.

End of March in Calgary


Feeding a Teddy Bear

Kids are sleeping together in one room

Look at me

Spring is in town

The very first warm day after long and harsh winter

A young hairdresser is taking care of my crazy hair

The end of the season at Moss Park Skating Arena

Playing with big girls

High Park in Toronto

Our community garden

Cooking with papa

Reading with Sophia

Three days in Manhatten

With Katya and little Stephanie in NY

On the way to Philadelphia

A light breakfast in Philadelphia

A light dinner in Philadelphia

Market street in Philadelphia

The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence

The oldest post office in US

The view from our hotel window

Sophia's school is celebrating a centennial this year

Created by Irina Kalatskaya