I am 16 months old!!!

The main news of the month: Sophia is promoted to SENIOR INFANT GROUP!!! Congratulations!
New words: "apple", "ball", "bye-bye" and "up" when she wants to be picked up.
She is showing her mouth, ears and nose when she is asked in English and Russian.
We are enjoying Toronto ZOO and Riverdale farm Downtown Toronto!
We visited our grand-ma ya-ya and friends in Montreal.

With ya-ya in Montreal.

Papa, try these ones.

Przewalski horse

Asiatic wild dog


Barbary ape (a tailless macaque, Macaca sylvana, that inhabits rocky cliffs and forests in NW Africa and Gibraltar)

Peacock and Sophia

New hairstyle! Do you like it?

Breakfast home

Breakfast in the daycare

Walk to the Riverdale Farm


Sophia's teachers

I am strong

Sophia's creativity in the daycare

Created by Irina Kalatskaya