Crazy winter 2014-2015!

Please, have a little glimpse into our life and lives of our children.
We are trying to stay active (even during this long and freezing winter):
swimming, skating, visiting museums and traveling.
While George and Vasilij were enjoying good weather in Cuba
(see here),
Sophia and her mom had awesome time together.
Movie night, Fallsview waterpark, a lot of skating, Ripley's Aquarium, tobogganing with friends,
AGO, Ontario Science Centre and IMEX movie - all this was done in two weeks...
We spent two days at the Mill Croft Spa at Orange Ville - it is an incredible place.
Sophia moved to the level 4 at her skating class (her mom is keeping up).
Kids are happy, noisy, healthy, demanding, active - exactly how they supposed to be.
Sophia just turned 6 and Vasilis just turned 2 and we celebrated
their birthdays with a lot of friends at the McCormick arena.
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The lake is still sleeping. Waiting for spring...

Idea from Chirp: Chu-chu train!

Geese migrate to somewhere warm.

My friend is Ellina. We like to play at home centre

Created by Irina Kalatskaya