I am 10 months old !!!!!!

Florida! Florida! Florida! Florida! Florida! Florida!

Beautiful country. Beautiful people. Beautiful winter. Beautiful ocean.

Our route: 8000 km by car in 22 days

Am I in New York???

Our friends in New York: Kate, Micheal and little Steffeny

Gluehwein party at SunPoint Spa: Heike, Geff, Angie and co.

Visiting our japaneous friends in Frederick: Yuko, Yuhki & Ruby

In front of Washingon monument with Yuhki and Tamara.

Snow-covered and cold Washington.

Best regards to Obama: Capitol

Opening of Vivian's bar in Frederick.

Richmond: +11`C

Jacksonville: +25`C

Fort Lauderdale: +28`C

West Plam Beach

Shark Valley: visiting allegators and exotic birds.

Key West

New Year Eve with Ben and Sue.

Hollywood beach.

Cocoa Beach: Aubrey, Karin and Sophia.

Cape Canaveral: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

With our friends Jumana, Ahmad and Dahlia in Charlottesville, Virginia

Created by Irina Kalatskaya