The main news of the month:
We drove around 6000 km,
stayed in nine different places in 17 days,
visited historical towns Savannah (Georgia), Frederick (Maryland) and Charlottesville (Virginia),
saw a lot of friends,
swam in the ocean,
attended Greek festival in Melbourne, FL,
met up with fellow Canadians in Hallandale Beach,
spent a day with Denny's family in Cocoa Beach,
and, of course, had a FANTOUSTIC wedding celebration.

Sophia is playing piano in Yuhki's house in Frederick, Maryland.

Sophia and George are enjoying the water fontain on a very sunny and warm day in Savannah, Georgia.

WEIGHT: 16,8 kg - top 90% for this age
HEIGHT: 100 cm - top 90% for this age

Reporting the weather from Virginia:"Sunny and cold".

We haven't really seen the snow in Toronto this winter, but in Washington, DC.

Savannah, Georgia. 12th of February. Getting warmer.

Paula Deen Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.

Look-look, a castle!!!

Picture of the downtown Savannah with its gold-roof city hall.

We spent one everning in Disneyland.

First moments on the beach in Cocoa Beach.

Dreams come true?

14th of February. Picnic. 5 years since mama and dad met!

Sophia in the kayak with dad and Jodi.

Here comes the bride...

Forever and Never

Lucy and Sophia

Look at us: we are strong, young, happy and full of life.

On the boat with Dan, Britanny, Aubrey and Karin

Faster-faster, we are chasing dolphins.

Paddle surfing was fun.

Yoga on the beach

Greek Festival in Melbourne, FL.

First - up

Then - down


Hollywood beach

February in Georgia!!!!

February in Virginia

Dahlia and Sophia

Shoulder to shoulder with Jefferson

Jefferson's museum in Charlottesville.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya