Sophia is 3 years and 8 months old!!

Gold Fall is in town!

Berger's family visited us on their annual trip to Toronto.
We went apple picking: no apples this year in Ontario.
First time we went to the movie theatre with Sophia and watched "Finding Nemo" in 3D.
We celebrated Halloween: in the Ontario Science Centre,
in the local public library, in the daycare and in the Riverdale neighbourhood.
Sophia is able to spell and write (except "S") her name.
We made a trip to Sudbury and saw first snow storm.
We attended Gayatri's 4th birthday party.

Sudbury in October

Ontario Science Centre in Sudbury

Sleeping on the nails?

Are you ready for Halloween?

Forest Fairy

Halloween Parade in Queens park Day Care

Halloween show in our local public library

Skylar is a big girl already

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