Sophia is 3 years and 10 months old!!

Cold winter is in town!

We had a lot of Chrismas Parties:
in our building at One Park Lane, in Sophia's daycare, in Lincoln's house...
We spent Christmas with Katya and Stephanie in New York.
We walked the streets of Midtown Manhattan,
saw Rockfeller Centre Christmas tree,
played in the most amazing playground in Central park...
This year Sophia and Stephanie got from Santa a pair of Barbie roller skates and we tried them on the next day.
That was fun.
Following that we drove to Cowansville
and stayed in our favourite Le Pass-partout B&B with our friends Sophie and Clair.
Upon walking the next morning after arrival, we faced the most beautiful view:
two feet of snow had covered us.
We spent the day shoveling, walking main street, building snowman and making snow angels.
We had a lunch in Le Balzac restaurant in Grandby and had a horse sleigh ride in the forest near Sutton.
Afterwards we had a couple of days in Montreal visiting Allan and his family.
We met Jackie, Johanne, Bill and Harriet, Mark and Rosie, cousin George and his family and Marzena.
We arrived home late on the 30th of December.
In December we also attended Hakan's 4th birthday party.
And the main news: Sophia is going to have a brother Vasilaki and we are all sooo excited.
Sophia's questions: mama, how did you put Vasilaki in your tummy?
Mama, why do you need another baby?
I know that Vasilaki is coming soon, but when he is leaving?
How are you going to put milk in your breast?

The 108th Annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade.

Waiting for Santa

Christmas party in One Park Lane: life music, Santa, presents for kids, a lot of food and dancing non-stop.

First present from Santa!!!!:"Oh, I didn't ask for that...""

Cousin is sitting on Santa's laps: her dream came true.

We are ready for Christmas. Santa, where are you??

Fishing with Santa!!!! Click here to see more

Last Christmas party in the Queens Park Daycare: next year Sophia is going to be in JK.

From left to right: Lucia, Finn, Sophia, Tara, Xavier, Christa.

My best friends: Tara and Lucia.

Hakan's Birthday party. He is 4!!!

Sophia is doing this puzzle (36 pieces) in 5 min: Chrismas present from aunt Clara and ancle George from Montreal.

Central park in winter (New York).

Times Square in New York

New York is driving me crazy...

Rockfeller Centre

Eastern Township in Quebec. Cowansville. Le Passe-partout. Two days in snow.

After snowstorm

Our Montreal relatives: yaya Stella, cousins George and Clara.

Mom or Marzena: who is bigger?

Weekend Report from the daycare

Our first letters

Created by Irina Kalatskaya