The main news of the month:
We celebrated Sophia's birthday!!!
40 people attended the party including 14 kids of all ages!!!!
Thanks a lot to all our friends and family members who made it happend.
We were very happy that ya-ya stayed with us and bonded with Sophia for one month.
Sophia knows all English letters and we started to learn to read!!!
She doesn't want to sleep with pampers any more.
Sophia and papa spent 5 days in Montreal visiting friends!

New clips on YouTube

Sophia is swimming one length of the pool under water by herself.

Sophia with her friend are helping papa to inflate balloons!!!

Ya-ya's first night in Toronto

The guests are starting to arrive.

The children are watching the magic box.

Children are blowing off some steam in our squash court.

Friends from our Felix swimming school.

Happy Birthday to Sophia

Skip, skip, skip to the Lou,
Skip to the Lou, my darlin'.

Food Market, Ontario Science Centre

Zoom-zoom-zoom, we're going to the Moon!

Who is cheating?

Look at ma

Visiting grandpa Vasilios on Mount Royal.

Meeting up with old Montreal friends

In Kingston on the ferry to the Island

Enjoying the moment

Training for summer

In the dog park

Created by Irina Kalatskaya