I am 20 months old !!!!!!

New words and expressions: "water", "more water",
"pit'" - to drink in russian, "I want water", "hat", "nana" what means banana, "ups" - drop it,
"otkroj" (open), "nice", "down", "bu" - book,
"gde bu" (where is the book?), "wau!" (delight),
"zi van'" (this one - pointing at something), "o-pa".
She is showing in the book: apple, car, dog, giraffe,
cow, tiger, crocodile and many other things in English and Russian.
She is imitating dogs, cats, rooster, crocodile, fish, cow and train ("tu-tuuu").
Sophia knows how to use tooth brush, hair brush (although hates it), contact lenses,
mama's cosmetics (especially, powder), turn on/off lights, open the door.
She is trying to dress herself, although not always successfull yet.
We celebrated Halloween.
Berger's family visited us on their annual trip to Toronto.
This girl is a lot of fun!

Winter is coming. Did you buy a shavel?

Warm wishes to Heike and Geff from New York!

Bergers are in towm!!! Party!

Aunt Judy!

Birthday Party of our friend Gayatri on the beaches. She is 2!

The cake was goooood,

the sour cream was even better.

We are watching cartoons and decompressing after a long day in the daycare.

Halloween Parade in the Queen's park Day care!

Meanwhile, mama with her friends was cutting her first pumpkin in MaRS.

Third prize out of 14 teams!!! Bravo!

We like to swim in our swimming pool,

and home in the bath tub.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya