I am 21 months old!!!!!!

The biggest event of the month: we spent a week in Cuba!!!
Sophia is counting till 5 in english: one-two-three-four-five!!!
New words and expressions: "pizza", "It is done", "tap" - stop,
"turtle", "moon and stars" - and showing, "sun" - and showing, "mo" - milk.
She knows all teachers from the daycare:
Pouchu, Niss - Denis, Kelly, Angel; and also children's names: Akan, Ella, Ben.
She is singing a "do-do" song for them: nay-nay, Pouchu; nay-nay, Niss, nay-nay, mama...
She knows a lot of songs: Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun...
We began toilet training: the important step in the life of every toddler.
Barney is a favourite movie.
This girl is a lot of fun!

First minutes in Cuba! Eh, it is good! I don't need a jacket.

Kid's pool.

Idea life!

We didn't take a stroller. Mama's shoulders are even better.

My first haircut! Done in Cuba for 6 peso.


Varadero Downtown.

The train is doing tu-tuuu.

Ready to fly home. Bye, Cuba!

Christmas concert in the daycare.


Our dear friends and family! We are wishing you Happy Holidays and Successful New Year!

Created by Irina Kalatskaya