2 years and 8 months

FALL is the MOST beautiful TIME in Toronto!

(1) We spent three days in Sudbury (350 km north of Toronto).
(2) Our babaushka is in Toronto.
(3) Seven days in Cuba with mama and babushka. O-la!
(4) Halloween party in Cabbagetown.
(5) We discovered AGO development centre.
(6) We went again to Toronto Zoo to visit our friend elephant.
(7) We went apple picking.

In Sudbury.

Caribbean Sea. Varadero. Cuba.

Sophia loves water.

She was spending 6-7 hours a day either in the swimming pool or ocean.

Swimming at midnight after disco.

With my babushka

Dinner In Italian Restaraunt

Iberostar Laguna Azul, Varadero

Canadian wonder. College and Universiry, Toronto.

Apple picking. Orchalaw farms in Brampton.

Happy Birthday, babushka!

Rouge Park in fall.

Halloween in Cabbagetown.

Sophia and her best friend Tara.

The view from our window in November.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya