2 years + 4 months

SUMMER is the BEST TIME in Toronto!

It was tough time for Sophia and her parents.
She broke her leg (tibia, proximal part) and was in the cast for almost 6 weeks. She did very well.

After 5 weeks in the cast Sophia learnt to walk again.

And, of course, we would like to express our gratitude
to all doctors in the fracture clinic of the Sick Kids Hospital
and all our friends and relatives who supported us.

In spite of this sad incident,
we did a lot of interesting things, visited a lot of people and places and, in general, had fun.
1. We visited our new friend Skylar who was born on the 11th of June.
Welcome to this beautiful world, Skylar and we hope you will join us in our games very soon.
2. Click here to see very first Sophia's life concert and first clip on youtube.
This clip was viewed 82 times in one month. Not bad for the first time.
3. We did a bus tour around TO, visited Casa Loma and AGO.
4. After the cast was removed, we forgot about our stroller. Bicycle is the best invention, especially, for 2 years old!
5. And swimming is definitely the best physio...
6. We are spending a lot of time on the roof of our building: playing, BBQ, just relaxing, growing tomatos.
7. And, of course, we are looking forward to see our grandma Babushka in September.

Lake Ontario

Cooking with papa

Cheeseburger... Ma-mam! Snack on the way from Montreal to Toronto.

Jump in the cast??? Not easy but possible...

Bubbles... Bubbles... where are you??? Kingston.

Back to crawling... C'est la vie.

Hey, I am a girl! Indigo bookstore.

Train,train... tu-tuuuu

Happy Birthday, uncle Ben! Maimi, Florida.

Lena is always ready to play with me.

Big Block Party in TO

Jackie and Johanne are visiting us

Papa, hold, hold, hoooold me...

Lake Ontario, take your rock back!!!!


We have tomatos growing on the roof. Every day we are looking for red ones.


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The very first life concert :)

The view of Toronto from our terrace on the 17th floor.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya