2.5 years old

SUMMER is the BEST TIME in Toronto!
We love summer.
We will miss it.

(1) Trip to the Rouge Park and swimming in the forest river;
(2) Gabriel's birthday party on the Centre Island;
(3) Tatiana's birthday party in her new home in the beaches;
(4) Tara's birthday party and meeting a real princess;
(5) Sophia is taking classes in Felix swimming school.
Sophia with her teacher Masha.
(6) Babushka Anya from Nebraska visited us on the long weekend in September.
Everyday we are walking to the daycare and back. Or cycling... See here:
Sophia successfully finished her toddler program and now enjoys her pre-school class.
And Sophia's first clip (DRUM CONCERT) was viewed on youtube 163 times (27.10.2011).

We are always having fun with papa.

In Rouge Park.

Birthday party on the Centre Island

Cycling is fun

Party in Tatiana's house.

Shopping in China town.

Taking care of the flowers and plants in our roof garden. Sophia is always ready to help.

Sunset from our terrace.

Tara's birthday with the princess from fairytail.

Recycling? Paper, glass, plastic, Sophia?

Mama-mama, help me to get up...

Helping papa to make muffins.

AGO + Sophia = ??

Berger family is in TO...

Rain is fun (when you have rain jacket and rain boots).

Created by Irina Kalatskaya