2 years + 10 months (almost 3!)

The main news of the month:
Sophia is able to swim 2-3 m under the water without any help, arm bands, etc!!!!!!
She is falling asleep by herself with the book in her hands.
She is talking a lot, asking questions, making logical conclusions and statements.
She likes ponytails, nail polish, mama's lipsticks, braclets and necklaces.
We are the members of the Ontario Science Centre and going there almost every weekend!

Paradisis family + Tara

Christmas party in the Queens Park daycare

Sophia's best friends: Tara and Kobe

Ready for a swim in her new swimsuit

New haircut

We visited Skylar, Alison and Matt

Present from Santa

1st of January in Toronto

Wau, we found snow (60 km north from Toronto)

Ponytail girl

Created by Irina Kalatskaya