2 years + 2 months !!!!!!

Thus, Sophia knows at least 13 letters:
(A, M - for mama, P - for papa, D - for Denis (teacher in school),
S - for Sophia and strawberry, B - just for "bi" and boy, O - just for "o", K - for Kelly),
Y - for ya-ya, E - for Ella (friend in school),
G - for George, J - for James (musician at school), T - for Tara and tractor.
She is able to talk on the phone.

My size??? Or tooo small???

Oh! I did it.

With grandma

chokopudding from papa George

Ontario Science Centre

Upi! I am like papa!!

2760 million years ago???? Was I born back then???

Ba-ba white sheep... Riverdale farm.

View from our new living room. Early spring.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya