Sophia is 2 months old!!

Nursery University

We are able to:
smile spontaneously and in response to mum's smile;
on stomach, lift head 90 degrees;
sleep at least 6 hours at night (max 9.5 h);
follow a toy held about 6 inches above the face;
say "Ah-goo", "Uu-aa" and many other cute things.

Weight: 5600 g / +1150 g
Length: 59 cm / + 4.5 cm

Am I getting married?

Am I enough big to start to think in java???

No comments...

Am I looking like one of seven dwarfs???


In the airport:"My greek grandma is here..."

I think I'll start to crawl soon...

See you next month...


Created by Irina Kalatskaya