5 months old. The time flies fast.

The most important news of this month:
our grandma is back home and George is a "full-time mommy".
This month we visited our relatives and friends in Montreal and stayed in the hospitable Berger-hotel.
On the 21st of July (4 months and 10 days) we found first tooth, three days later - the second one.
Daddy takes out children's books from the public library and
they read and sing together with Sophia.
Sophia got her Canadian passport and ready to travel.
We are watching movie baby Einstein for 10 min every second day.
She enjoys her Jolly Jumper a lot (15 min every day).
We tasted fish, chicken, bread, rice cereal, sweat potato.
Last week of July Sophia started to give hands when she is asked.
And now she sleeps alone in her room!!!

Weight: 8500 g

Let me tell you about the birds and the bees...

A piece of bread is a favorite snack.

It was made by Jackie. Special order.

Created by Irina Kalatskaya